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Random Collective Berlin

Random Collective Berlin studio brings together professional illustrators, animators, and visual artists whose clients are the world’s largest companies. Although they are of different nationalities, they are joined by working in a loosely connected group in Berlin, where everyone works on their own projects, but at the same time shares their impulses and inspiration with other members. The LUSTR festival brought the works of some of its members, but also of like-minded friends Cachetejack and Jose Mendez.

Martina Paukova –
Juan Molinet –
Josefina Preumayr –
Elda Broglio –
Guille Comin –
Marcela Bustamante –
Joe Taylor –
Maria Giemza –
Jose Mendez –
Jonathan Vermersch –
Baris Cavusoglu – @bariscavusoglu/

Chrudoš Valoušek

Chrudoš Valoušek (1960) is a graphic artist and illustrator. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště and a monumental painting at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has received a number of awards for his work – the main prize at this year’s BolognaRagazzi Award, the Most Beautiful Czech Book of the Year award for children, the Golden Ribbon for the Art of the Year, or the Revolver Revue. He is also the holder of the first ever award dedicated to linocut on Graphic of the Year. He illustrated books: Panáček, pecky, švestky, polena a zase panáček (2017), O zlaté mrkvi (2003), Chrudošův mix přísloví (2008), Zazi v metru (2010), Žaloudění v Kundibále (2010), Valouškova zvířátka (2014) a Chrudošův zvěřinec (2014). He lives in Prague and works at the National Gallery.

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Zhu Yingchun

Zhu Yingchun  is an illustrator, graphic designer, Art Director at Nanjing Normal University Press and Nanjing ShuYiFang Studio. Many of Zhu’s works have been awarded Best Designed Book of China, Stitching up was named Best Book Design of 2007 at Leipzig Book Fair, Ants was awarded the Special Prize of Best Book Design by German Commission for UNESCO in 2008, the book Language of Bugs, devoid of words, was created by the bugs themselves. The book Language of Bugs became part of the permanent collection of the British Library and won the silver medal of Best Book Design from all over the World. Mr Zhu’s collaboration with bugs in the making of contemporary art has led to exhibitions globally, including the UK, Germany and Taiwan. His books have been published in various countries.

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MORS is an international festival of book illustration and visual forms of literature. A creative site that brings together modern book illustrators, artists, publishers, writers and readers. LUSTR in cooperation with Czech Centres brings exhibition of winners of last year’s festival MORS in Moscow. And our cooperation does not end there, LUSTR will also be present in Moscow at the festival with the LUSTR ON TOUR exhibition and workshops and lectures.

Varya Yakovleva
Anastasiia Suvorova
Ezra W. Smith
Ariadna Sysoeva
Nikita Tereshin
Anya Mikhailova
Anya Ryzhova
Margarita Kukhtina
Svetlana Lyadova