JURY 2021



Tomáš Řepa
is an art historian and dramaturg of the KOMA International Comics Festival in Brno. He enjoys walking in the woods in silence, looking at the sakura tree from Winternitz’s villa and eating fresh canapes from the fridge. Tomáš joined this year’s LUSTR as a judge of the comics section. Photo: Jára Plachý.
Klára Vöröšová
runs the comic bookstore No Ordinary Heroes and at the same time she is a director of the Frame festival focused on contemporary comics, illustrations and artzines. She likes kimchi, autobiographical comics and Alsatian dogs. Klára joined this year’s LUSTR as a juror for the comics section.
Kateřina Čopjaková
is a literary and comic critic who publishes in Respekt and Heroine.cz and is the editor of Radio Wave. As a juror, she also participated in the Muriel Awards, an annual Czech comics contest. She likes dark and disturbing comics of American, European and Japanese origin. This year Kateřina is a juror of the comics section.
Štěpánka Jislová
is a comic book illustrator and author. She has contributed to a number of Czech and foreign comic anthologies and published four graphic novels – the last one Bez vlasů (Hairless) was awarded the Best Comic Book of 2020 by the Czech comics Muriel Prize. Together with Tereza Drahoňovská, she leads the Laydeez Do Comics Prague initiative. In her free time, she collects WITCH magazines and this year she took on the role of juror for the comics section.
Lukáš Růžička
is a publishing editor and in the past a comic book publicist. He was a long-time editor of the Muriel-awarded Comicsarium website. Since 2015, he has been taking care of the comics section of the Paseka publishing house, and as an editor he has participated in publishing many appreciated Czech comics books. Within Paseka, he presents foreign authors such as Mariko Tamaki, Noelle Stevenson, Jeff Lemire, Tillie Walden and Raina Telgemeier. He likes video games on all platforms, peanut butter in every consistency and his favorite athlete is Steph Curry. Lukáš joins LUSTR as the juror of the comics section this year.
Juliána Chomová
is an illustrator, comic author and screen printer with a passion for experimentation. Her latest comic Spiritistky (Spiritists) with a screenplay by Klára Vlasáková was awarded in the Book In Progress competition. She likes to do things differently, with an emphasis on the authenticity. Juliána participates in this year’s LUSTR festival as a jury member of the comics section.
Tereza Drahoňovská
is the organizer of the Czech branch of the Laydeez Do Comics initiative and a comic book screenwriter. Together with Štěpánka Jislová, she won two Muriel awards, most recently for the Best Comic of 2020 – the autobiographical graphic novel Bez vlasů (Hairless). She likes manatees, pit bull terriers, snails and most other animals unjustly neglected by many, and for four years she has been, according to her own words, happily bald. Tereza participated in this year’s LUSTR as a jury member of the comics section.


David Böhm
is an artist and illustrator, most often working in a pair with Jiří Franta. He teaches drawing and illustration at the Prague college Scholastica and in addition to free artist creation he focuses mainly on book illustration and author’s books. His last title, A jako Antarktida (A as Antarctica), was awarded in the Golden Ribbon and Magnesia Litera competitions. He likes when he doesn’t have to answer what he likes. This year David joined LUSTR as a juror of the free illustration section.
Kateřina Coufalová
is an illustrator and last year’s winner of the LUSTR Festival Audience Award. She graduated in animation and audiovisual production at the University of Ostrava, has a long-term collaboration with the National Museum in Prague and designs silk scarves for the Czech company Silky Gang. She loves watercolors and took on the role of jury member of free illustration section within this year’s LUSTR festival.
Nikola Logosová
studied illustration at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and specializes herself mainly in book creation, although she also often works for newspapers and magazines. She won the title of Illustrator of the Year 2019 in the Czech Grand Design competition, and her books were also awarded in the Golden Ribbon and The Most Beautiful Czech Book competitions. She likes walking the dog, swimming in the pond, grilling sausages on a campfire and drinking beer with friends. This year Nikola joined LUSTR as a juror of the free illustration section.
Linda Retterová
is an animator and illustrator, but recently she devotes herself mostly to screen printing on textiles under her own brand ROE. For last year’s LUSTR festival, she prepared a poster for the Homage to Devětsil series dedicated to modern artist Jindřich Štyrský. Linda likes colors, improvisation, blue skies and nuts, and this year she became the jury member of the free illustration section.
Hana Řičicová
prepares a podcast of the Respekt magazin and works as a moderator of Radio Wave. As a journalist, she has been devoting herself to contemporary illustration for a long time, most recently, for example, in the section How are you? following Czech illustrators during the pandemic on the Respekt website. She likes to dance her head while singing Charli XCX, and during the pandemic year she learned to sit up straight. In her free time she deepens her knowledge in the field of ornithology and looks at her mobile phone. Hana took on the role of a jury member of free illustration section this year.


Naděžda Bilinová
is the director and co-founder of the LUSTR festival and the creative educational center Vzletná. She has been working in the field of illustration for a long time, although she does not draw herself. Nadia focuses mainly on the organizational and curatorial side, as a jury she also participates in the Czech Design awards. She loves Czech illustration, poems by Jiří Žáček with illustrations by Adolf Born, almost all books published by Baobab and also new LUSTR exhibitors every time.
Barbora Müllerová
has been working for LUSTR as a curator and dramaturgist since 2020. Otherwise she works as an illustrator and assistant professor in the Graphic Design 2 studio at the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. She likes zines and wilderness, both in nature and in drawing.