JURY 2022





an illustrator, graphic artist, pedagogue, and publisher (Baobab). His books have earned countless awards in our country and around the world (namely the Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the Year and the World’s Most Beautiful Book award at the Leipzig Book Fair). Since 2003, he has been running the Illustration and Graphics Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. For ten years, he organized Tabook, a festival of small publishers in Tábor, accompanied by a great exhibition program of Czech and foreign illustrators. He also ran the Baobab illustration gallery in Prague and Tábor. He will participate in this year’s LUSTR as a judge of the free illustration section. He loves returning to three special places–Melechov Hill, the confluence of the Danube and Moravia, and Bologna–as well as more than three illustrators who are not “illustrators”: Tove Jonsson, Jockuma Nordström, Blexbolex…


prepares a podcast for the Respekt weekly newsmagazine and works as a presenter for Radio Wave on Czech Radio. As a journalist, she has been working on contemporary illustration for a long time, for example in the section How are you? on the Respekt website, following Czech artists during the pandemic. She is part of the organizing team of the multi-genre festival, Luhovaný Vincent. Lately, she has been mainly at home, where she likes to read or browse magazines, dance on a huge carpet, and explore her newfound passion for eating cheap sweets. In her free time, she likes to look at her mobile phone. As part of this year’s festival, she will be a jury member of free illustration.


a young Czech illustrator and the operator of the Linostock.com linocut photo bank. She has illustrated a number of beautiful books–the last of which, called Meanwhile, was included in the shortlist for the title of Illustrator of 2021. She also has a Gold Ribbon for Florentine Flowers’ Incredible Adventures. She will take part in this year’s LUSTR as a jury member of the free illustration section. She likes drawing in inappropriate conditions, her own and strangers’ children, Kae Tempest, going to art supply shops, and family celebrations.


still runs the Meander publishing house which she founded in 1995, publishing art books for children. She is also the author of several children’s books and dozens of translations of books for children and adults, the founder of the Children, Read? festival, and a member of the SČKN board, where she chairs the Children’s Book Commission. A former boater and scout, she has traveled the Camino several times and walked 800km to Santiago de Compostela on her own in October. She has loved art, mountains, and tennis since she was a child. She regularly inspires the youngest generation of artists for quality Czech literary work, who have already illustrated more than fifty Meander books.




a versatile comic book creator known for his graphic short stories about Oscar Ed. For his book Oskar Ed: My Biggest Dream, he won two Muriel awards in 2016–for the Best Screenplay and for the Best Original Book. He likes works that leave viewers and readers generous leeway for their own interpretation. His favorite creators include David Lynch, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, and Chris Ware. He is currently working on another book about Oscar Ed and will participate in this year’s LUSTR as a jury member of the comics section.


a literary and comic book critic who publishes in Respekt and Heroine.cz and works as an editor for Radio Wave. She also participated as a juror in the Muriel Awards. She likes dark and disturbing comics of American, European, and Japanese origin.


an illustrator, a young author of comics, and a student of the Studio of Illustration and Graphics at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague. For her work, she has twice received the Muriel Award for the Best Student Comic–first in 2019 for the mysterious tourist guide, Spořilov, and again a year later for the short story collection, Hospodský, a guide, carpenter, confectioner, pastor, stained glass, butcher, restorer, and social worker. She likes to find things on the streets and goes to bed early.


an illustrator, comic book artist, and screen printer with a love for experimentation. Her last comic, Spiritist, with text by Klára Vlasáková, was awarded in the Book In Progress competition and she was nominated for the title of Illustrator of 2021 in the Czech Grand Design Awards. She likes to do things differently, with an emphasis on the authenticity of speech. She will once again take part in this year’s LUSTR festival as a jury member of the comics section.




has been dramaturgically involved in the LUSTR festival since 2020. She works as an illustrator and book designer, and also as an assistant professor in the Graphic Design 2 studio at the Faculty of Arts and Design at UJEP in Ústí nad Labem. She is currently completing a dissertation on the use of drawing in visual activism, and in her spare time, she publishes the illustrative magazine Fůd, plays in a band, and practices Wing Chun Kung Fu. She loves zines and wilderness, both in nature and in drawings.


joined the LUSTR organizing team in the autumn of 2021. She works as a curator in the Moving Station gallery in Pilsen, taking care of the exhibition program. She also works for ArtMap bookstore and art book distribution, and as a freelance illustrator. She graduated in Arts and Humanities from the University of Dundee in Scotland. She spends the rest of her time skating at the skate park or in a rehearsal room with her band.


is the director and co-founder of the LUSTR festival and the creative educational center Vzletná. She has been working in the field of illustration for a long time, even though she does not draw, herself–she focuses mainly on the organizational and curatorial side. She loves Czech illustrations, Jiří Žáček’s poems with illustrations by Adolf Born, almost all books by the Baobab publishing house, and new LUSTR exhibitors. She admires creativity, the courage to pursue one’s own dream, and the determination to do what one enjoys.