Remix Comix is a project aimed at creating a new and diverse transnational scene for contemporary comics, involving artists, writers, scientists, activists, and poets from the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Serbia, and Slovenia. The Remix Comix team believes that comics can and should contribute to an inclusive European heritage in various areas such as art, education, public life, and, of course, in museums.

How can we imagine different perspectives on shared European heritage? What stories should be told, and what stories should be transformed? What is the future of comics in the art world and in society as a whole? How can cartoonists and comic artists engage in an open dialogue with cultural entrepreneurs, educators, and activists?

The REMIX COMIX project has been supported by the Creative Europe grant and is composed of a consortium of six partners: LUSTR Festival of Illustration (Prague, Czech Republic), Multimedia Centre Ice Art (Novi Sad, Serbia), Stiching Zid (Amsterdam, Netherlands), FORUM LJUBLJANA (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Agencija Komunikart (Pančevo, Serbia), and Foundation Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture 2022, Novi Sad, Serbia.


The Czech residency will take place from July 1 to 15, 2023, in Prague. The main outcome will be a mural painting on the wall of the renowned Vnitroblock café, created through the collaborative work of the residents.

The Prague branch, called “Mezikrok,” aims to bring greater media attention to the issues related to children’s homes and to engage the public, with a particular focus on the challenges faced by young adults transitioning from children’s homes to independent adulthood.

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Novi Sad

Comic artist Tomáš Staněk participated in a creative 14-day residency in Novi Sad from October 17 to 31, 2022.


ZID Theater – City Art & Performance Center is organizing the second residency program as part of the new project “Remix Comix,” which will take place in Amsterdam from May 1 to 14, 2023. Miroslava Konečná applied and has been selected to participate in the project. We look forward to her creative work.


In October,  Terezie Unzeitigová goes to Ljubljana. The residency will be supervised by the team from Stripburger, the first publisher in Slovenia to offer a platform for alternative comics.

The outcome of the residency will be a mural painting on the wall of the legendary Metelkova street, where the publisher’s office is also located. The principles of DIY culture and community life will serve as inspiration for the collective work of the international team of artists. Considering these key themes, the jury selected Terezie for the residency, as her artistic work has long been commenting on current social issues and the climate crisis. Through her engaged illustration and comics, she delves deep into the subject matter, and her interest often translates into actions beyond pen and paper.

The residency will take place in Ljubljana from September 20 to October 4, 2023, and will coincide with the TINTA comic festival, scheduled for October 4-7.


Lucie Lučanská will go to Pančevo for the Remix Comix residency. She has made a significant impact on the Czech and international alternative illustration scene. Her naïve style is characterized by bold ink lines reminiscent of medieval illuminations. In her work, she often presents a world full of alchemical and magical scenes. In addition to her comic gems, her portfolio includes murals and illustrations for music posters. Currently, she is achieving success with her book “Knihou vnímání” (The Book of Perception), published by LUX last year, which won first place in the competition for the Most Beautiful Czech Book in the author’s book category.

The residency will take place in the Serbian city of Pančevo from October 10 to 24, 2023.