Válečné plakáty z Ukrajiny


The exhibition War posters from Ukraine was created in cooperation with the Ukrainian association Pictoric Illustrators Club, which since 2014 brings together artists, graphic designers and illustrators, organizes workshops and presents Ukrainian creators abroad. Picctoric Illustrators Club was founded by Olena Staranchuk, Oleh Gryshchenko and Anna Sarvira who see their mission as the promotion of quality works of art and illustrations capable of representing Ukraine at the international level. The works of the club’s illustrators have been acquired by the United States Library of Congress and several private collections around the world, their most notable project Prominent Ukrainians describes Ukrainian history and culture through the stories of the country’s most prominent figures and historical figures.

All the posters presented in this collection were created by Ukrainian illustrators directly on the territory of Ukraine after the war broke out in full force in the country. Illustrators use their art as a weapon – reflecting fears, feelings and pain. Each poster is like a statement of millions of Ukrainians.

The Pictoric Illustrators Club wants to reach out to people all over the world to join this fight for peace, justice and humanism. They are grateful for all the support and hope that the whole world is now uniting. They also believe that art has the power to be a medium to encourage critical thinking and dialogue.

The works in one exhibition specimen will be offered during the festival in the form of an online auction, the proceeds of which will go to the People in Need collection to help Ukraine.



The online auction of War posters from Ukraine will take place on September 28. from 19:30 on the auction portal Live bid.

It is necessary to register for the auction in advance and wait for approval. We recommend registering in advance.

After clicking on the image, you will be taken directly to the auction of the work in question. You can set limits before the auction itself.

We are auctioning all displayed War posters from Ukraine in one copy. We start from 1 CZK.

Posters are different sizes high quality giclee printed on paper. Posters are auctioned without frames.

All proceeds from the auction will go to the SOS Ukraine account of People in Need.

Thanks to Live bid for providing their services free of charge for this charity auction.

We thank the Pictoric Illustrators Club and Ukrainian authors for donating their works to this auction.